Upcoming Events

March 5 - 25 Art is Life

One of five artists featured in collective exhibition at the VAN GOGH Art Gallery of Madrid.

April 5 - 7 Art Austria

Kim's work was selected by the VAN GOGH Art Gallery of Madrid to be exhibited at Art Austria, an exclusive international art fair.

May 12 - 17th Meet the Artist: Kim Chesney

An exclusive meet and greet with Kim at the VAN GOGH Art Gallery of Madrid, Calle de las Hileras, No 6, Madrid, Spain. Details to follow.

July 20th - Sept. 15th 50 States/200 Artists

Kim is proud to be part of the Museum of Encaustic Art's new permanent collection exhibition “50 States/200 Artists," in Santa Fe, New Mexico. July 20 grand opening.


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